Featured Crew

Flight Attendant Kayla Felix
September 6, 2022

At CommutAir, we have great people with great stories to share.

As a regional airline and United Express partner, we play an important role in connecting people and communities to the world via United Airlines’ global network, but we’re also a critical step in the careers of those working in the airline industry. Our “Featured Crew” series tells the individual stories of standout members of our team whose hard work makes our organization unique.

Happy Pride from CommutAir! In honor of Pride Month – We’re taking this opportunity to share a story from one of the standout members of our diverse team: Houston Flight Attendant, Kayla Felix!  A true people-person with a passion for taking care of others, Kayla’s drive and passion for aviation generates positive passenger comments wherever she flies and will soon see her instructing and certifying our future crew!  Click here to read Kayla’s story in aviation…