CommuteAir Featured Crew - Inflight Supervisor Jordan Hoel


Today is International Flight Attendant Day!  We’re taking the opportunity to share a story from one of the standout members of our diverse team – Denver Inflight Supervisor, Jordan Hoel. Jordan has been flying for seven years, starting out as a Flight Attendant and now as an Inflight Supervisor.  Highly charismatic and hard-working, Jordan’s professional and personal travels have taken her to nearly all 50 states!  Read on to learn some of Jordan’s story in aviation…

What was it that first interested you in aviation?

“My grandfather worked for Trans World Airlines, and he would share all these amazing stories about the people he met and all the places he went and how he progressed through the industry. He started out as ‘bag boy’ in a little town in Missouri running luggage and worked his way all the way up to head of accounts at LAX airport.

I remember all that drive and determination very vividly as I was growing up.  It really influenced me and planted the thought in my mind of, ‘Maybe I could be in aviation. Maybe I should become a flight attendant.’ Once I achieved that dream of becoming a Flight Attendant, I felt like I kind of found my home.  I really found purpose and knew that this was the right path for me!”

Describe your journey to becoming a Flight Attendant.

“After growing up, I was a bit of a nomad for a little while as I was trying to find my niche.  I had a friend who was working at a regional airline as a Flight Attendant, and he recommended that I take the plunge and get into the industry! He recommended checking out CommutAir and I remembered my grandfather’s path.  It really is a hereditary thing when it comes to aviation– especially for the flight deck. I always hear Pilots and Flight Attendants talk about their family members who are also in the industry or that came before them.  I took the recommendation back to my grandfather to ask what he thought I should do, and he encouraged me to get into the industry – who wouldn’t take the advice of a guy who retired with a 50-year career?”

What are some of your dreams for the future?

“I definitely want to stay in the industry…leaving would be really hard for me! I’ve been flying since I was a baby – growing up I lived in Indiana but most of my family lived on the West Coast, so I had many experiences with flying throughout my childhood.  I love the ‘wanderlust’ part of being a Flight Attendant and getting to see so many different people and places, but I also love the community that being in this industry brings.  Flying on the line was great, but I’m grateful to have changed gears to be tackling the challenges of being an Inflight Supervisor.  I fly less than I used to, but this was the perfect stepping stone for me to take my skills and experiences to the next level.  It’s a rewarding step in my career, and I can see myself continuing to grow!”

Is there a moment that helped shape your career?

“I’ve had so many great experiences flying – but my first overnight trip was one of those special times that showed me that I had made the right choice. It was a long trip that ended in Norfolk, VA (where none of us lived) and we decided that since we weren’t due to fly out early the next day and had nothing else to do, we would go spend the day at Virginia Beach together as a crew. I had this moment on the boardwalk where I looked around and thought, “This is my life! I’m having so much fun!” I had just met this Captain and First Officer a few days beforehand and here we were hanging out on the beach as friends! I still see them from time-to-time and they’re great pilots!”

What’s been your experience being in aviation?

“I really enjoy the duality of aviation – things are often the same, but no two flights are ever really the same. You always have a schedule, a plan, or a procedure to follow but so many different things can happen, so you constantly need to adjust!  There’s a degree of spontaneity that I love – like getting the chance to spend work time at our base in Washington Dulles while also getting to visit my mom in D.C. on Mother’s Day at the same time! Working at CommutAir has been the best and I love my coworkers – we’re like a big family!  A tree is not without its nuts…and I may be one of those nuts!”

What advice would you give to future aviators?

“Don’t give up! It took me more than one try to take the plunge and get certified and there were several moments where I almost gave up.  I hit some roadblocks and felt discouraged from time-to-time but just kept on going and it was all worth it.  You never know the direction your life and career will take you, but if you just keep on trying for that next step, eventually you’ll look back and see that long and bumpy road behind you! I never thought I would become a mentor, trainer, and supervisor in my career back when I first started!”