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CommuteAir is an airline with a family atmosphere felt by our passengers and employees alike. Our refined approach to developing employees and their talent ensures mentorship and partnership opportunities with upper-level management. Each employee finds their place—celebrating their unique skills and expertise—with CommuteAir.

"Featured Crew" Series - Meet our C5 Family

Regional Manager of Airport Ops Steve Moore

Steve Moore is a storied aviation professional with a 44-year career in the industry, currently serving as our Regional Manager of Airport Operations at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). It is with a heavy heart that the CommuteAir family thanks Steve for his service and wishes him the best in his next upcoming venture…Retirement! Read on to learn some of his amazing aviation story 

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Maintenance Crew Lead Nick Massey

Meet Maintenance Crew Lead, Nick Massey!  Nick is a rising star in the CommuteAir Maintenance Department, and being a passionate racing mechanic and driver in his personal life, he wanted a bigger challenge with even bigger engines and that led him to aviation!  Read on to learn some of Nick’s aviation story…  

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First Officer HaeBom Lee

Meet First Officer, HaeBom Lee! HaeBom’s story begins back in Seoul, South Korea before immigrating to the United States to become a pilot. As a rabid aviation enthusiast, HaeBom is active within the CommuteAir Community as a member of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion council, ALPA, and regularly volunteers for special events. Read on to learn some of HaeBom’s aviation story…

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Meet more of our Featured Crew at the link below

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ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program

ATP Flight Schools and CommuteAir have partnered to provide students a new path to the friendly skies – By applying to our lottery with an essay, we’ve selected our first class of ATP students to receive up to $20,000 in tuition reimbursement assistance!

Peter Vizzoni

CommuteAir First Officer - Previously ATP Mesa Flight Instructor

Peter is our first ATP student to complete the Tuition Reimbursement Program and transition to CommuteAir as a First Officer – We’re looking forward to seeing his fellow alumni join him in the field!

“I originally graduated college with a business degree but decided to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a United pilot. I chose CommuteAir because it’s a sizeable airline and has a community-focused culture!”

Lucas Baker

Lead Flight Instructor - ATP Montgomery

“I got into aviation because I was in a career that didn’t require much critical thinking and being a pilot is the exact opposite…plus it’s really fun!  I chose CommuteAir because I was really sold on the people and the culture, it’s different from a lot of regionals out there.”

Christopher "CJ" Woods

Lead Flight Instructor - ATP Leesburg

“I chose flying because I wanted a career that was both skillful and fun, and didn’t want to be in the same place behind a desk every day.  My mentor is a United pilot and really sold me on the fact that CommuteAir was the right regional choice – he said it was the most fun flying he had ever done in his career!”

Ryan Pahani

Flight Instructor - ATP Conroe

“I got into flying when I was a little kid – I started with my dad when I was just five years old!  I chose CommuteAir because of all the airlines I’ve spoken with, CommuteAir is one giant family. The culture, people and training are amazing!”

Bryce Brazan

Flight Instructor - ATP Baton Rouge

“After doing some research, I chose CommuteAir because they’re reliable, consistent, and care about professionalism.  Everyone I’ve talked to says the same thing, CommuteAir is a good airline to work for and they provide great training.”

Morgan Pitzer

Flight Instructor - ATP Centennial

“I picked aviation as a career because I knew I wanted three things: To travel, to not work behind a desk, and to have new challenges each day.  I joined CommuteAir because some of my closest friends work for the airline and they have nothing but great things to say about it.  The focus on people and the products they produce is something I want to be a part of.”

Dave Comish

Lead Flight Instructor - ATP Provo

“Aviation runs deep in my family – My father, uncle, and grandfather were all United pilots and I want to do the same.

I chose CommuteAir because I felt the most comfortable and the opportunity offered through the Aviate program was great for me.”

Nick Graziano

Lead Flight Instructor - ATP Ogden

“I got into aviation with my dad – he took me to an airshow and I really just fell in love with the sights and sounds of the whole thing.

I worked alongside United before becoming a pilot, and CommuteAir’s tight partnership with UA convinced me that this is where I want to fly!”

Joe Marinelli

Lead Flight Instructor - ATP Orlando

“I chose aviation at a young age – My mother worked at United growing up, and I got the chance to have experiences like “Take Your Kid to Work Day” at the airport.

CommuteAir caught my eye early on while I was working as a United Flight Attendant, and I’m looking forward to fly with them as a pilot!”

Charlie Kurtz

Flight Instructor - ATP Olive Branch

“My dad was an inspiration early on, and during college, I wanted a career that offered something a little more exciting…so I chose flying!

I chose to go with CommuteAir because of their efficient training program, but also because of their professionalism.”

CommuteAir Management Team

Derek Sharp

Managing Director of Safety

Ryan Morris

Chief Pilot

Michael Traster

Director of Maintenance

Joe Michaelson

Chief Inspector

Atishay Jain


Kyle Vasiloff

Managing Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Sergio Aleman

Managing Director of Materials and Sourcing

Jason Kadah

Managing Director Communications and Brand Strategy

Julie Puckhaber

Director of Talent Acquisition - Crew

Joey Dhaliwal

Director of Corporate Real Estate

Peter Ganabathi

Director Network and Operations Planning

Nicolle Jackson

Director of Systems Operations Control

Harold Abraham

Director of Tech Ops Planning & Strategy

Joe Kirby

Director of Maintenance Training

Lance Lau

Director of Pilot Training

Michael Lack

Director of Training, Operations & AQP

Jeremy Gorges

Director of Employee Relations

Asabe Dawudu

Data Scientist

Lorraine Licata

Corporate Controller

Robert Ferguson

Director of IT Infrastructure

Amita Kale

Director of IT Software Development

Steven Larizza

Director IT Security

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