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Now is the time for experienced pilots to join the #C5Family! Year one bonuses begin at $60,000 for High Time First Officers and go up to $175,000 ($100,000 Day Zero Bonus + $75,000 New Hire Bonus) for Direct-Entry Captains, at our Denver, Houston, and Washington Dulles bases.  Contact our Talent Acquisition team at to learn how Direct-Entry Captains can earn up to $300,000 in your first year flying with us (assumes longevity credit of 5 years with 1,200 annual schedule credit hours and includes sign-on & retention bonuses).

Pay & Bonus Incentives

  • Captain Starting Pay – $103.02/Hr
  • Captain Bonuses – $100,000 Day Zero Bonus + $75,000 Sign-On Bonus
  • Captain Retention Bonus (Beginning at 12 Months of Service) – $50,000 per year
  • First Officer Starting Pay – $74.18/Hr
  • First Officer Near Captain Bonus (500-699 Qualifying Part 121 Hours) – $60,000
  • First Officer Near Captain Bonus (700+ Qualifying Part 121 Hours) – $75,000
  • First Officer Retention Bonus – $5,000 year one – $25,000 year two

Pilot Benefits

  • 1:1 Payscale credit for up to 20 years prior FAR 121 industry experience
  • Company-Sponsored Commuter Travel Program
  • 4 Commuter rooms monthly – Line Holders
  • 6 Commuter rooms monthly – Reserve
  • Per Diem – $2.05
  • 401k contributions up to 16% matched 50% by company
  • Company-Paid iPad (EFB)/Industry leading Commuter benefits/Preferential Bidding System
  • Employee Pass Travel Privileges with access to United Airlines global route network
  • Minimum monthly guarantee – 76 hours

Pilot Qualifications

  • FAA ATP or Restricted ATP Certificate Holder
  • FCC Restricted Radio Operator’s Permit
  • IFR and Landing Current
  • Current First Class Medical
  • Valid Passport
  • Authorization to Work in the U.S. and Travel in and out of the Country
  • Preferential Interviews for United, United Express Partners, and Aviate Candidates
  • Prior FAR 121/Embraer 145 Experience and/or Aviate Participants Preferred

Top Reviews From Our Pilots

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Pilot Highlights

We need pilots who exemplify our core4 values: Safety, Care, Dependability, and Efficiency. Learn more about the job with each of these downloads.

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Programs for Pilots

CommuteAir offers a variety of entry points to help your flying career take off in 90 days or less.

United Aviate Program

Apply to Aviate and be on a secure & direct path to a United flight deck. Transition from CommuteAir directly to United Airlines with 1,600 PIC hours.

Learn More United Aviate Program Guide

Direct-Entry Captain Program

Apply with at least 1000 qualified FAR hours to start in the left seat and pick up our $100,000 Day Zero Bonus + our $75,000 Sign-On Bonus.

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Rotor Transition Program

Whether you are a military or civilian helicopter pilot, your training counts.

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E-3 Visa Program

Our E-3 Visa program allows Australian nationals to fly for CommuteAir.

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Partner Schools

We increase the value of flight training with a refined approach.

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Pilot Qualifications

  • (Preferential Interviews for United and United Express Partners will be provided. Prior FAR 121/Embraer 145 experience and/or AVIATE participants preferred)
  • FAA ATP or Restricted ATP certificate holder
  • FCC Restricted Radio Operator’s Permit
  • IFR and Landing current
  • Current First Class Medical
  • Valid Passport
  • Authorization to work in the US and travel in and out of the country without restriction

Upcoming Classes

  • May 6, 2024
  • Jun 3, 2024
  • Jul 8, 2024
  • Aug 5, 2024

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For more information about available pilot jobs, connect with us at and 440-462-0692, or reach out directly.

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