CPaT Announces New Distance Learning Contract with CommutAir

Houston, TX, April 18, 2022 – CPaT Global, the world’s leading provider of distance learning for the airline and aviation industry, today announced they have been awarded a new contract with CommutAir for the provision of Aircraft Systems courses for the Embraer ERJ145, as well as CPaT’s General Subjects. Additionally, CommutAir will use CPaT’s content-design software platform, CPaT Invent, to tailor content.

“CPaT is excited to partner with CommutAir to provide premium training content for the ERJ145,” said Capt. Greg Darrow, Vice President of Sales. “Equipped with CPaT Invent, CommutAir is empowered to tailor the ERJ145 systems course and CPaT’s General Subjects content specific to their airframe, operating procedures, and more.”

“CommutAir is holding recurrent and new-hire pilot classes every month at our state-of-the-art Houston Training Center,” said Joel Raymond, CommutAir’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “We will leverage CPaT’s pilot training content and tools to ensure effective instruction for each of our pilot trainees.”

About CPaT

CPaT Global, LLC (CPaT) is the market leader in distance learning for the aviation industry. CPaT delivers software-as-a-service applications to more than 300 global aviation customers, serving 70,000+ individual users, and providing over one million hours of training each year. CPaT pioneered the use of distance learning in aviation training more than 25-years ago and has built on that legacy to offer new and imaginative training solutions that are practical, forward-looking, and invaluable. CPaT transforms aviation instruction by providing smart training solutions, and vision for curriculum spanning aircraft systems, general subjects, and operational procedures. For more information, please visit

(PDF of press release here)